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Academic background


Asami Saito

Self introduction

I was born in Tokyo in 1984, and had lived in Sendai before I finished high school.I joined a soft tennis club in my middle school, and later became a member of an orchestral music club in my high school. I passionately dedicated my teenage days to the activities in both clubs.


The diligent attitude I had cultivated in my school years definitely helped me pursue my studies on Drug Delivery System in college. And, it was the encounter with a patent application during my academic life that made me decide to pursue my career as a patent attorney. I believe my experiences in my college Lab and later with RIKEN can assist me in achieving my goal, which is to make inventors feel I am always on their side.


My motto is “Never build the wall of fools.” In this sense, I have always dealt with any topic or issue with a great interest. Particularly, I am enthusiastic about soccer these days, and I either go to a soccer game or work as a volunteer for the game each weekend. It is also my object to keep sending signals even to those I meet through the abovementioned activities, and have them develop their interests in intellectual property rights.

Tokyo university of science / Graduate school of science, Chemistry major (Master’s degree)Member of Yajima’s laboratory of applied chemistry
Master’s thesis: “Functionality assessment of polyamidoamine dendrimer/liposome combined particle as drug carrier”


RIKEN: Member of Elements Chemistry Laboratory and studied novel near-infrared pigments Patent firm in Tokyo: Mainly worked as a domestic patent practitioner (joined Ushiki & Associates later)

Career summary

Technical field

Chemistry over all, High polymer chemistry, Biomaterials

Academic society (former member of)

Society of Polymer Science, Japanese Society for Biomaterials

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