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Academic background

President / Attorney

Mamoru Ushiki

Industry Experience

Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. 
Ushiki International Patent Office 

Legum Magister (Waseda University Graduate School of Law, Intellectual Property 
Law Major)

Careers as a patent attorney

Other Activities

Provisional Committee of Section Meeting for Patent Attorney 
Screening of Council for Industrial Property 
Assistant Executive Officer of JPAA 
Vice President of JPAA (Apr.2001- Mar.2002)

Area of expertise

Mechanics, Designs, Foreign Applications, IP-related Law Suits, 
and etc.

Award for Invention Encouragement Effort, received form National Invention Award 2005

Cordon Yellow Medal of Honor, granted Spring 2005

Councilor in Head Office of Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation 

Consultation Member of Waseda University

Guest Professor of Regional Collaborative Research Center of Niigata University (in service)

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