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Self introduction

It has always been my motto to work hard to grasp the essence of any invention, and also take the context behind each case into consideration.


I will make full use of my experiences as a patent practitioner, and keep pursuing my career by broadening and enhancing the scope of my expertise.


I was born in Kanagawa Prefecture, and I got introduced to the game of go when I was in college. I was immersed in the game those days, and it is still one of my hobbies to review the game records by some of the players.


 The elements in the game of go, such as viewpoints, ideas, flows from the opening game to the end game as well as views from wider perspectives, can also be applied to my job as a patent attorney. In this sense, I will continue to treasure these elements.


Taku  Ando


Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Department of Chemistry, Master's course completed (1999)


Master Thesis: Study of external heavy-atom effects on aromatic molecules in supercritical fluids


Engaged in domestic and foreign patent practices at a patent firm in Tokyo (before joining Ushiki & Associates)

Specialized field

General chemistry

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