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Self introduction

I was born in Shanghai and brought up in Japan. After spending my college days on the west coast of the United States, I joined Ushiki & Associates, where I have been mainly engaged in technical translation. It is also part of my job to keep in touch with our foreign associates and greet them when they visit Japan; and assist our clients in enforcing their IP rights overseas.


The two things I value the most in my daily translation routines are (1) staying in close communication with our technical staff, and (2) making sure that the translated sentences flow both verbally and technically. I try my best to provide our clients with the kind of translation that is only available by a patent firm i.e. the kind of translation work that is aimed at not only acquiring IP rights, but also enforcing them in the future.


The reason that I decided to pursue my career also as a patent attorney was because I wanted to get involved in a wider range of IP business, other than just being a trilingual translator whose mother tongue is Japanese. While still focusing on technical translation at times, I would very much like to help our clients achieve their IP strategies overseas with the connections our firm has built with our local associates over the past decades.


I am an active person who likes to work out at the gym on weekends so as to stay in good shape in terms of “spirit, technique and physical strength.” I still listen to the Podcast programs by Anderson Cooper and Jake Tapper on my way to work every day, which I have been a big fan of since college. I am also a huge fan of baseball, and love that one team in orange when it comes to NPB.


Toshitomori  Oh

Academic background

Pacific Lutheran University (Washington, USA)

School of Arts & Communication (major), School of Business (minor)


Applied Information Technology Engineer

TOEIC score 980

Area of specialty

Technical translation of patent documents in all sorts of technical fields (mechanics, electric engineering, chemistry, biotechnology etc.). Main languages: Japanese, English and Chinese.


Joined Ushiki & Associates after graduating from university, and has been with the firm up to the present date.

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